Week of November 5th-9th

We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.

– Sheryl Sandberg, Technology Executive

        Welcome back to your weekly Robotics run down! We have been counting down the days until our first competition, however, due to unfortunate circumstances, none of are teams are able to attend. In preparation for this competition we have made amazing strides, which is great for our team. Our CADers and Builders are working tirelessly, making everything perfect for our programmers and notebook team.  On Friday, our team will meet to let everyone know some positive and negative concerns for this week.

One reply on “Week of November 5th-9th”

after further analysis of the quote stated above by sherly Sandberg I have concluded her opinion to be false and invalid for it implies bias in the belief that the future is not pre-determined. This is a philosophy that can not be certainly validated with present day technology and until I can eat chalupas with George Washington I would prefer that these biased opinions be relinquished from further quotes of the day.

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