Week of December 17th-21st

And suddenly you know… That it was time to start something new, and trust the magic of beginnings .

As the week continues, students and teachers will be preparing to leave Fort Eastwood and move into out brand new building. This has been a exciting experience, however, it is sad to see these “halls” go. As a student, I have become so used to the idea of having portables, bringing in umbrella when it rains, dressing to the weather and having to take construction detours of course. This week we packed up a bunch of boxes as we say one final goodbye to Fort Eastwood we’ve grown so fond of and welcome the brand new school building where we will make so many more amazing memories.

One reply on “Week of December 17th-21st”

I am just stuck by awe as i have just bared witness to such powerful and moving words, It is as if i have found the scribe of the Gods, and the best of it is, i did require myself to read it.


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