Back in the Routine

With every new new beginning, comes a new adventure. . .


I hope everyone had amazing holidays! It was a nice break for us. Now that we are back, we are rushing to return back to our routine. This last week we dedicated most of our days including some days of the winter break to moving into the new school building. That has finally been finished and is now time we get back to building, programming, CADing in order to qualify for state. For all those who want to know we do have a competition coming up on the 26th which will be a qualifier.

One reply on “Back in the Routine”

ah, i find myself drowning in tears, so much that the electronics i write with now will short circuit. It is done i have been relinquished of the torment the voices bestowed upon me. they told me unimaginable and unfathomable things, “when do you think is the next blog post” or “what will you say this time”. it is done, and as i lie now and take my final breath i say “heck yeah”.

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