Team 8787

Diana Segura
  • Years in club: 4 years
  • Job in club: Builder and Programmer
  • Experience Job and STEM related: Concepts of engineering, electronics, robotics, engineering design, and problem solving. My accomplishments are science fair state qualifier and local/ district winner for encryption software, applied tech winner 1st place.
  • How has robotics helped you? Robotics has helped me understand and experience the different engineering fields through challenges and problem solving competitions. It has grown my interest in STEM and helped me decide on what I want to study.
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?Why? I want to study aerospace engineering because I love the math involved in it and spacecraft has always interested me.
  • Goal for 2018- 2019 competition? I want to further develop my skills as a programmer and attain new skills in building.
Carlos Rodriguez
  • Years in club: 4 years
  • Job in club: Builder and CADer
  • Experience-job and stem related: Intro to autodesk, Concept Of Engineering, Electronics, and Robotics.
  • How has robotics helped you? Robotics has not only amplified my interest to pursue a career in engineering but also my knowledge of it. The club challenges me to stress and solve problems and learn to contribute to a team effectively. My method of approach and analyzing has improved along with my time working in a hard working team. Through these characteristics I’ve learned new traits that will help me in my future education and career.
    • What do you want to be when you grow up?Why? My plans for the future include studying to become a successful Architectural engineer. Reason being, I’ve always been interested in design, from Legos as a kid to computer designs as a team member today. Making things on my own and using creativity and problem solving is more of a hobby to me than a job. Therefore, architecture engineering can satisfy and incorporate my ambitions.
  • Goal for 2018- 2019 competition? My goal collectively for this season is to outweigh our past years and use everything we’ve learned in the past and refine it and utilize it. Working early and without creeping deadlines will help dramatically in achieving the ultimate goal, the Excellence award
Sara Graham