Our School

Our 18 Month Transformation



Old Eastwood

Back in the beginning of 2017, we all started packing box and getting ready to say our final farewells. At the time when we all first saw this school to as a regular building, but once it was time leave we couldn’t hold back the tears of letting go of our fondest memories that we had in this building, but especially our robotics room. For most of us, it was our first year, yet it made it as equally as hard to say our goodbye, because for us it was a place that felt like a home with all the scratches and dents in the walls that told our story from the beginning and we weren’t ready to say goodbye.  

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Fort Eastwood

As we settled in the portables we could help but feel a little empty inside. In the process of moving we came to the realization that these years to come were going to be a complete struggle, from moving from our big room to a small portable, the early days off due to power shortages and the water being turned of for hour, and the extreme bipolar weather that El Paso had to offer us, it made everything seem so hard. It was difficult for our team to host events, such as competitions and Girl Power, but as a team we fought to the end and we made sure that we didn’t let these issues stop us.   

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New Eastwood

As of this month we can officially say that we have moved into our new robotics room, that has brought us a new feeling of home. Even though we took a break from preparing for our next competition, we are glad to be moving into our new room, where everywhere we go makes inspired to work harder than we have ever done before. We our so thankful to finally have a place to work in and that our administration designed a new room specifically for us. 

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