Back in the Routine

With every new new beginning, comes a new adventure. . .


I hope everyone had amazing holidays! It was a nice break for us. Now that we are back, we are rushing to return back to our routine. This last week we dedicated most of our days including some days of the winter break to moving into the new school building. That has finally been finished and is now time we get back to building, programming, CADing in order to qualify for state. For all those who want to know we do have a competition coming up on the 26th which will be a qualifier.

Happy New Years

This is the beginning of anything you want.


I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf and say during 2018 we leaned a lot. As students we may come back to a whole new schedule and as Eastwood students we come will come back to a whole new school. A new year brings a lot of opportunity for new experience and change. I hope as a member of the Eastwood community and the vex community that in 2019 we grow, Learn, and experience everything the world can offer us! Have an amazing new year!! I hope that 2019 bring you nothing but happiness!

Happy Holidays

Hopefully everything is going well for everyone, and you guys are enjoying your holidays. This Christmas I would just like to thank our helpful administrators at Eastwood High School, our teachers, parents and the members of our robotics club who to me are like family. I hope all of you reading this have a great week or two off celebrating whatever it is you celebrate. From our “family” here at the Eastwood robotics club to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Week of December 17th-21st

And suddenly you know… That it was time to start something new, and trust the magic of beginnings .

As the week continues, students and teachers will be preparing to leave Fort Eastwood and move into out brand new building. This has been a exciting experience, however, it is sad to see these “halls” go. As a student, I have become so used to the idea of having portables, bringing in umbrella when it rains, dressing to the weather and having to take construction detours of course. This week we packed up a bunch of boxes as we say one final goodbye to Fort Eastwood we’ve grown so fond of and welcome the brand new school building where we will make so many more amazing memories.

Week of December 10th-14th

We are so exited for the competition on Saturday! We strive to achieve yet another successful event that will inspire young minds and encourage teamwork. We look forward to establishing long lasting memories as well as relations, as we do with every competition held. Hope to see everybody there! GO TROOPERS!!!!!

Week of December 3rd-7th

The Hank’s competition was a success as our competing team did qualify, although most of or club members did spend most of the day working with the younger kids in Vex IQ. Although we would have loved to host the tournament on our home ground, at the moment it is a little difficult considering how our school is under construction. We would not only have to work in a cramped environment, but also run the risk of confusing our guests. Luckily, Hanks administration was nice enough to allow us to host in the cafeteria while the Vex EDR tournament went on. Thank you for all those who went to support us. Your encouragement means the world to us.

Week of November 26th-30th

Nobody can take away your work ethic

Time to grind with Hanks coming up. This competition is a qualifying one so we have to make it count. And with our lack of school, we will be using their cafeteria to host Vex IQ the same day. The stress is real this week so we must finish tweaking our robots and perfect our code! Of course, we will help set up the day beforehand while simultaneously looking to see what needs to be set up for Vex IQ in the cafeteria. Wish us good fortunes, and we hope to see you there! The support is always welcome.