Booths for Girl Powered 2019

Booths for Girl Powered 2019


room 116 cyber is a booth instead sorry


Vex Educational Robotics (EDR)

Learn about what Vex Robotics has to offer and see robots in action.

Eastwood STEM

 Get insight on Eastwood’s STEM program and how you can do it too.

Problem Solving

 Using the design process, find a solution to paper puzzle.


 Learn how computers use binary and create a bracelet using binary.


 Design and animate a robot through Autodesk Inventor.

Engineering Notebook

 See how engineers keep track of their projects and learn the engineering design process.

Snap CAD

 Learn how to build a digital Vex IQ robot for your engineering design.

Vex IQ

 Introduction to building and programming robots.


 Learn the basics of electronics and make a circuit.


 Learn how humans and computers communicate to each other using logic gates.


 Learn how to design a website using HTML and CSS. Become a part of our website.

Photo Booth

 Come and take a picture with some of your favorite superheroes.

Game Design

 Play some of our homemade games and learn how they are designed.

Vision Sensor

 Learn how to utilize a vision sensor and teach a robot how to see.


Face a challenge, and build a tower.

STEM Research

What you need to know to succeed in the STEM field.


And many more to come!